Yummy Home Remedies for Cough

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 Yummy Home Remedies for Cough

If you are one among those individuals who find it really hard to have medicines then you can think about these yummy home remedies for cough. These are much effective remedies for cough but that is also much tasty. You can make these home remedies with all the very commonly available ingredients at home. It is not something harder to make or that requires you to spare much time but they are easier and obviously yummy ones. These remedies for cough can also provide with instant relief to the cough and make you feel better.

Turmeric Powder  Home Remedies

Turmeric is an item that is really so good to consider to be included in the diet due to the various properties related with it. It is good for detoxifying any toxins that are present in your food. Most of the cuisines include turmeric powder while preparing non vegetarian items so that any toxicity in them get removed and they become more good for the body. You can add some honey to this turmeric powder and have that for getting relieved from cough. This is yummy, easy and also highly effective. Another remedy that you have is to make a herbal drink with turmeric powder. In this you just need to boil some water and then add about 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder to it. You can then also add black pepper and honey to it. Cinnamon sticks can also be added to it for making it more effective. This should be boiled for about 3 minutes for getting the product that you want. You need to consume it daily for improving the condition. It is a good drink to consider.

Ginger Tea Yummy Home Remedies

Ginger tea is another great and yummy herbal tea that you can use to get rid of cough. You just need to boil some slices of fresh ginger in water and then add some honey into it. You can really have this drink as a great solution for cough. Lemon juice can also be added for making the ginger tea tastier. This is a herbal tea that can really provide great solution for your cough. You can even chew raw ginger for the whole day and then get rid of cough.

Lemon Syrup Yummy Home Remedies

Lemons have got the capability of curing coughs. It is capable of reducing inflammation and it comes with vitamin C which can easily fight infections. One of the yummy home remedies for coughing is to make a cough syrup with lemon. All that you need to do is to mix lemon juice and honey and warm it. This syrup should be consumed so many times in a day. You can use lemon also by blending it with honey and cayenne pepper. This can provide you with great relief from cough.

Hot Milk and Honey Home Remedies

You can mix honey in hot milk and have that for relieving dry cough and also in reducing chest pain that you usually experience due to coughing continuously for so much of time. You can get best results out of it when you consume this just before going to sleep. You can get better effects of honey by having plain honey in empty stomach. This is a good remedy for you to sooth throat and also in clearing the mucus.

Garlic Remedies

Garlic is an item that comes with both antimicrobial and antibacterial properties for treating coughs. You need to boil garlic in cup of water by adding some oregano. This drink should be allowed to get cooled and then add some honey to it for drinking. This is really yummy if you like the flavor of garlic and also can provide you with great relief from cough. It can act in the form of great remedy so that you get instant relief from cough.

Yummy Home Remedies Tulsi Syrup

This is a traditional Indian home remedy and also one among the yummy home remedies for coughing. You need to get some tulsi leave and allow it to get steamed. After that you need to squeeze these steamed leaves for getting tulsi extract. Tulsi has got so many medicinal values and it can easily relieve many cough related issues. You can now add some honey to this tulsi extract and have it. You can make and have this syrup empty stomach for getting better results.

Home Remedies for Coughing

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Home Remedies for Coughing

Coughing is the process that occurs when bacteria, pollen, dust or viruses irritate nerve endings that are there in airways which exist between lungs and throat. This is the way of body to clear passages and make it proper for breathing. It is possible for an individual to cough at speeds to about 60 miles in one hour. Average cough is capable of producing adequate amount of air for filling 3/4th of the soda bottle of two litres. Air that is produced in a cough can travel several feet and also comes along with about 3000 drops of saliva. If you have chronic cough then it indicates that you are going through some serious health issues. It is always important to give attention to this condition if it lasts for longer time period. If you have simple coughing issue then you can try to make use of some of the home remedies and also get rid of it before it become much serious. There are so many remedies available which you can try from your home and thus easily get rid of it. These home remedies can also be easily used without the need for buying anything. Most of the ingredients used in these home remedies are easily available at home. There is no need for worrying about getting them to resolve the issue of coughing.

Hot Shower

Steam is one among the best home remedies for coughing. Make sure that you enclose yourself well before you are trying with steam. Allow yourself to get exposed to warm steam and make the cough to easily go out from your body. Steam can help soothing the airways and also in loosening sinus congestion as well as phlegm in lungs and throat. You can get the best solution by making use of this steam. You can make use of the modern sophisticated vaporizers or can even inhale the steam by boiling water. Steam can be made more effective by adding certain herbs like neem leaves, tulsi etc. These elements can really make steam very good for your body. It also helps body to come out of the cough much faster than one can imagine.

So Much of Liquids

One among easiest home remedies for coughing is to include good amount of liquids in the diet. You can either include different teas in the diet or can also increase the amount of water that you consume daily for getting rid of cough. Fluids have the capacity of making mucus get thinner inside postnasal drip and can also help in keeping membranes moist. This can significantly reduce coughing as the blocking of the mucus gets removed.


This is another effective one among the home remedies for coughing. All that you need is to suck a lemon, you can add some amount of salt and pepper for taste. Pepper is also very good for throat and can help in providing relief from the cough. If you find sucking of lemon a hard deal then you can made lemonade but ensure that you add honey into it rather than water. This can really make your cough get reduced faster and in effective manner.


Ginger is an item that has got so many medicinal values. It is widely known that ginger has got the capacity for making digestion possible without any hassles. It is also good for treating all the symptoms related with flu and colds. You can use this as one among the home remedies for coughing. It is possible to make ginger tea by adding some water to fresh pieces of lemon and heat that. You can add some honey as well as lemon for taste. It acts as a great remedy for cough.


Pepper is another spice that has got so many medicinal values in it. It is also considered one among the best home remedies for coughing. Pepper has got the capability for making the throat get soothed with the spicy taste it has. This is the good way for the individuals to get rid of any of the issues with cold. Pepper is even added as ingredient for many home made medicines that you can have for cough.

home remedies for coughing

home remedies for coughing

Home Remedies for Toddler Cough

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Home Remedies for Toddler Cough

Old fashioned remedies, natural home may be the best way to reduce the number of coughs without eliminating it completely. You might wonder why we do not want them to disappear completely. The answer is that as irritating cough may be, it is a necessary reflex that helps to keep our airways free of any obstructions.

When the upper airway becomes inflamed due to an infection, the act of coughing comes with the trigger being an accumulation of mucus in the trachea. Cold symptoms are rarely cause for alarm, even though when you hear the first cough, our thoughts immediately run to the possibility of an impending illness. In most cases, all that is known for treating the symptoms and keep our patient as comfortable as possible for a week or so it takes to get rid of the virus out of our system. This is where natural remedies really shine.

For most children, the worst part of a cold cough is the coughing that prevents them from getting well deserved rest. With recent concerns about the safety of medicines against cough for children, home remedies for toddler cough may be worth a try. The good news is that most of the ingredients for the old home remedies can be there in your kitchen cupboard. If you see a home remedy in this list that you want to try, ask your pediatrician or family doctor what he thinks. If he tells you he believes it will not hurt; give it a whirl. You might be surprised how these simple practices can help you give your child or yourself some relief.

Before we make suggestions on how to whip up a batch of old fashioned remedies to eliminate the cough, we should cover what items should be eliminated that could contribute to the problem. For the duration of cold symptoms are present or when all dairy products, meat and fried foods should be avoided because they tend to increase the production of mucus, which in turn triggers the cough reflex. No natural remedy will help if the diet is working against it.

The following are effective home remedies for toddler cough.

Put your child in a shower (not very hot) may have a similar impact. Make the shower significantly more effective by including a couple of drops of sage or eucalyptus oil into the shower water. Vapors of these vital oils will aid free child’s airways routes it makes it less demanding to breath. The vapor from them oils will likewise soothe a sore throat.

In the event that your infant’s hack is brought on by croup, now and then the best thing to do is to wrap warmly and inhale night air. The cool air now and then quiets the aggravation of the upper respiratory tract.

You can likewise utilize thyme and sage to make tea on them. The hot tea will assist to clear bodily fluid on the lungs of your child. If it is not too much trouble seek advice from your pediatrician to discover the age you can begin giving your infant these home grown teas.

Licorice tea is an alternate incredible natural treatment for cough. It has antiseptic properties that will help your infant battle the microbes that cause coughing. It additionally calms the throat; assist her rest a little if essential. Make some tea with licorice and give your infant the hottest conceivable, obviously without smoldering.

Another cure against the exceptionally successful and delicate common cough for children is a natural disinfectant. Begin with 3-4 olive oil tablespoons and include 2 drops of vital oils to it. A blend of eucalyptus and rosemary lives up to expectations truly well during the evening, since the eucalyptus cough smooth your infant and permit him to inhale all the more effortlessly, while rosemary aids quiet down and float off to rest.

Blend olive oil and fundamental oils well then smear the mixture on your child’s chest and back. In the event that the child is little, wrap him in a delicate cover, overall hold the back and chest secured with a thick as could be allowed to assemble body high temperature permitting the vital oils to splash tight shirt.

Humidifier is another incredible choice in the matter of making your coughing child more comfortable. Utilize a portion of the same fundamental oils proposed above and run it in the infant’s room.

A few mothers have observed that breast milk will aid mitigate and recuperate a cough very well. In the event that you are breastfeeding and the child gets a cough, don’t quit breastfeeding. Increase breast feedings.